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How do you make resin shakers?

What are resin shakers?

Resin shakers have become a popular craft project for many DIY enthusiasts. The shaker effect is achieved by sealing embellishments inside a resin bezel, allowing them to move around freely when the shaker is shaken. This creates a mesmerizing visual effect that is both fun and eye-catching.

These cute little creations are made using specialty molds that allow you to create a resin bezel, the center is then filled with glitter, charms and shaker oil. The end result is a unique and adorable shaker that you can use for various purposes. Whether you want to make keychains, jewelry, or decorative pieces, resin shakers are a fun and creative way to express your artistic side.

Before delving more into resin shakers and how to make them, it is good to know that you can make two types of resin shakers - dry resin shakers or liquid resin shakers. The only difference between a dry resin shaker and a liquid resin shaker is that liquid (baby oil or shaker liquid) is added to the shaker to create a liquid shaker. The resin shaker shown in the video below is an example of a liquid shaker.


The shaker shown in the video below is an example of a dry shaker.

What supplies do you need to make resin shakers?

To make a resin shaker you will need the following craft supplies:

  • resin - you can use epoxy resin or UV resin (depending on what mold you are using). 
  • resin shaker mold - silicone or plastic molds both work
  • resin pigments
  • shaker liquid or baby oil
  • embellishments - e.g glitter, confetti, charms
  • shaker lid - you can make your own using clear film. Some molds may even come with some ready-cut shaker lids with them, or the mold itself may have the ability to create the shaker lid using resin. An example of such mold can be found here
  • needle tip squeeze bottle (if creating a liquid resin shaker)

Process: How are resin shakers made?

To create resin shakers, you will need specialty molds that are specifically designed for this purpose. These molds come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create shakers in different forms such as hearts, stars, or even custom shapes. 

Step 1: Mix resin.

Step 2: Add pigments and /or glitter to resin and mix well. 

Step 3: Pour resin mixture into the shaker mold - fill mold wall the way.

Step 4: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 5: De-mold the resin from the mold.
You now have a resin bezel that will serve as you shaker base.

Step 6: This is the time to add glitter, charms or other desired embellishments into your shaker charm. Place the embellishments into the middle of the bezel.

Step 7: Line the outer wall of the bezel with a small amount of resin and place the shaker lid on top. 
Tip: Use UV resin here to speed up the process.

Step 8: Wait for the resin to cure.

Stop here if you want to create a dry shaker. If you want t create a liquid shaker, proceed to Step 9.

Step 9: Drill a hole at the top center of the shaker.

Step 10: Fill the shaker with baby oil using the hole you have just drilled.

Step 11: Seal the hole with epoxy resin or UV resin.

The liquid resin shaker is complete when the seal is completely cured.

Tip: If you're using the shaker as a charm or pendant, place an eye screw into the hole along with some resin to seal the hole instead of just resin as explained in Step 11.


Here is an example for how to make a liquid shaker using a pre-cut shaker lid. 


Here is an example of how to make a liquid resin shaker using a DIY shaker lid with clear film.


Here is an example of how to make a dry resin shaker.



What can you do with resin shakers?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using resin shakers. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Create unique keychains by attaching a small chain or ring to the shaker.
  2. Make personalized jewelry by adding the shaker to a necklace or bracelet.
  3. Decorate your phone case by adding the shaker as a phone grip.
  4. Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor by incorporating resin shakers into your displays.

These are just a few examples, and you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to using resin shakers. They make great gifts, party favors, or even a fun project to do with friends and family.


Resin shakers are a delightful and creative way to add a touch of whimsy to your life. With specialty molds and a few simple materials, you can create adorable shakers that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Whether you want to make keychains, jewelry, or decorative pieces, resin shakers offer endless possibilities for artistic expression. So why not give it a try and see what kind of magical creations you can come up with? 


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