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Tutorial: Moon Bezel Key Chain with resin

Moon bezel key chain


In this resin tutorial we are making a moon bezel key chain by embedding a moon resin piece (and some stars) into a circle bezel. All pieces are made from resin - you can make them specifically for this project or you can use some pieces that you have already made.

The first step is to prepare the individual pieces: the circle bezel, moon and stars. Then we will be combining them altogether to create the charm.


For this project you will need the following supplies:



Start by creating the individual pieces - you will need to create the circle bezel, the moon and the tiny stars.

Step 1: Prepare some resin.

Step 2: Divide the resin into 3 mixing cups.

Step 3: Into the first mixing cup add iridescent cellophane flakes and silver glitter. Mix well. Pour this mixture into the circle bezel mold.

Step 4: Into the second mixing cup add blue pigment and iridescent white glitter. Mix well. Pour this mix into the moon mold.

Step 5: Into the third mixing cup add the yellow pigment and iridescent yellow glitter. Mix well. Pour this mix into the stars mold.

 making a yellow resin mix



doming with resin


Step 6: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 7: Once the resin has finished curing, demold the circle, moon and stars from their molds.


demolding stars from mold



tiny yellow resin star


Step 8: Prepare some resin.

Step 9: Place the moon into the circle bezel. Press the moon with your finger and pour a tiny amount of resin into the bezel.

Note: You only need to pour enough resin to cover the base of the circle - the aim here is to secure the moon into the bezel and embed one of the stars.


pouring resin


Step 10: Place one of the stars into the resin.

Step 11: Wait for the resin to cure.


doming with resin


Step 12: Prepare some resin.

Step 13: Pour some resin into the bezel. Once it's up to the brim, stop pouring and continue adding the resin bit by bit using a mixing stick.

Here we are adding the final doming layer, so you will need to cover the moon as well. Watch the video linked at the end of this tutorial for a demo. 

 pouring resin



doming with resin


Step 14: Place another star on top. 

Step 15: Wait for the resin to cure.


resin project


Step 16: Using your drilling tool, drill a hole at the center top of the charm. Add in the eye screw along with a jump ring and secure the key chain.


resin charm


You can take an extra step and secure the eye screw using some resin to avoid it from falling off. 


moon bezel resin key chain



Watch the video here:


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