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Tutorial: Making a Snowy Winter Coaster with Epoxy Resin

 Winter Snow Resin Coaster


This is a step by step tutorial to make a Snowy Winter Coaster with Epoxy Resin. This will make a great decoration, or even better, a nice gift for your loved ones.

It's a very easy project to make so it's also suitable for those who are beginners to resin crafting. The coaster will be made into two parts - a first layer is poured into the mold, which will be used to add the snowflake embellishments. Then another (final) layer is poured to add the color and finish the coaster.


The supplies needed to make this project are:

  • epoxy resin / UV resin
  • 10 cm Coaster Plastic Mold
  • gold snowflakes
  • iridescent white snowflake confetti - you can use different shades if you'd like
  • blue mica pigment powder
  • white alcohol ink
  • Sky (blue) alcohol ink
  • iridescent light blue glitter powder
  • holographic silver chunky glitter



Step 1: Prepare a batch of resin.

Step 2: Pour clear resin into the coaster mold - you only need to pour enough to clear the base so that you can embed the snowflakes in it.


pouring resin into mold


Step 3: Add the gold and iridescent snowflakes into the resin. Push them into the resin and use a silicone tool to place them around.


adding gold snowflakes into mold



adding iridescent snowflakes into mold


Step 4: Wait for the resin layer to cure.

Step 5: Prepare another batch of resin.

Step 6: To the resin add blue mica powder, white alcohol ink, blue alcohol ink, iridescent light blue glitter powder, and holographic silver chunky glitter. Mix well.


preparing the resin mixture


Step 7: Pour the blue resin mix into the coaster mold. Fill the mold up to the top as this is the final layer. 


Note: Filling all of the mold will help make the de-molding process much easier and your molds will also last longer. For more information on this visit: 


Step 8: Wait for the resin to cure.


pouring the blue resin mix into the coaster mold


Step 9: When the resin has finished curing, de-mold the coaster from the plastic mold.


demolding the coaster from the mold



coaster out of the mold


Now it's time to dome the coaster using resin to make it nice and shiny. As an alternative you can also use a glaze or top coat.

Step 10: Prepare another batch of clear resin.

Step 11: Pour a small amount of clear resin onto the middle of the coaster. Then spread the resin towards the edges using a mixing stick or a silicone tool. You can also gently tilt the coaster to move the resin towards the edges. 


doming the coaster with clear resin



doming the coaster with resin


Using a pointed silicone tool, add small amounts of resin to the rim of the coaster.

Step 12: Wait for the doming layer to cure.


doming the edge of the coaster with resin


As soon as the resin has finished curing, the coaster is complete. 

If you need help on any of the steps, a video showing how I made the coaster is linked down below at the end of this tutorial. Feel free to leave a comment down below or on the video if you have any questions or need further guidance. 


finished coaster



completed winter snow resin coaster



 Watch the video here:

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