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Making your own Halloween resin coaster

For this project I used the following supplies:

  • 4 inch Circle Silicone Mold
  • Epoxy resin
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Pumpkin confetti x2
  • Cat confetti x1
  • Bat confetti x2
  • Gold stars x3 
  • Violet resin dye
  • Blueberry resin dye
  • White pearl resin pigment
  • Fine white iridescent glitter powder



Start by pouring a thin layer of resin into your silicone mold, and then leave the resin to cure until it's hard.

pour resin into mold

When your first layer of resin has cured to a hard touch, paint on the hill and the house using black acrylic paint. I used a nail art silicone tool to paint on the details, but you can use whatever you like.

paint all details in black paint

Wait for the black paint to dry and then add the light in the window using yellow acrylic paint. Also paint the moon at this stage.

Then wait for the paint to fully dry.

If you won't be adding light to your window, all details can be painted in the same step. 

paint details in yellow paint

Next pour another thin layer of epoxy resin. Ideally pour the thinnest layer possible - you need it only to submerge the confetti into. Using a thin layer here helps a lot since the confetti might move around when the resin is curing, and the thin layer helps limit that from happening.

add layer of resin

Add in your confetti. Make sure to submerge them well into the resin so that they don't move around or float.

Wait for the resin to harden.

add confetti

Prepare a batch of epoxy resin and divide it into 3 cups. For the violet I used 4 drops of dye, and even for the blue mix. Then for the white I used 2 drops of dye along with a small amount of very fine white iridescent glitter.

Mix each cup well and then pour your colored resin into the mold. I used the white near the moon and window to try and emulate the light effect. 

For more information on this step view the video found at the end of this article.

pour colored resin

When the resin has fully cured, de-mold the resin coaster from the mold.

demold resin

Then dome your coaster with epoxy resin.

dome with resin

Wait for the doming layer to fully cure (I like waiting for 2 days to make sure that it fully cured), and your Halloween coaster is ready.

finished coaster


Watch the video here


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