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Tutorial: Witches Brew Resin Coaster 🧙‍♀️

 Witches Brew Coaster


For this project you will need the following supplies:

  • 3.5" Witches Brew Coaster Plastic Mold
  • epoxy resin or UV resin
  • purple resin pigment
  • iridescent white glitter powder
  • mixing cups & sticks
  • a pointed silicone tool for painting on the wording detail
  • black acrylic paint
  • green resin pigment
  • iridescent green glitter powder
  • silicone tools for doming the coaster - one pointed tool and another with a flat edge



Step 1: Gather all of your supplies

Step 2: Prepare a batch of resin. 

Step 3: To the resin add purple resin pigment and white iridescent glitter powder. Mix well.

 preparing a purple resin mix


Step 4: Pour the purple resin mix into the plastic mold.


pouring purple resin into coaster mold


Step 5: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 6: When the resin has cured, de-mold the coaster from the mold.

Note: for a tutorial on the easiest method to de-mold resin from plastic molds watch this video.


demolding resin coaster from plastic mold


Now that we have our pretty glittery purple coaster ready, it's time to paint on the details. For the wording and the cauldron outline, we will be using black acrylic paint. For the cauldron we'll use a green resin mix.


Purple witches brew resin coaster


Step 7: Using the black acrylic paint and the pointed silicone tool, paint on the wording detail and the outline of the cauldron.

Wait for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.


painting on wording details onto the coaster using black acrylic paint


From the images, you'll see that I did not paint the cauldron. I made the mistake of painting the cauldron part after adding the green resin. Some of the paint bled and it was not very clean. So in this case, do as I say and not as I did 😁


coaster with painted wording


Step 8: Prepare your resin and add some to a small mixing cup. To the resin add green resin pigment and iridescent green glitter powder. Mix well.


preparing a green resin mixture



adding green glitter to the mixing cup


Step 9: Pour the green resin mix into the cauldron section. You can also add some to the tiny bubbles (circle indents).

Step 10: Wait for the resin to cure.


pouring the green resin mixture into the cauldron part of the coaster


Step 11: Prepare more resin.

This resin will be used to dome the coaster so that it will have a shiny finish and also to protect the painted detail. 

Step 12: Pour a small amount of resin onto the middle of the coaster. Then use the flat edged silicone tool to move the resin towards the edges of the coaster. An alternative to using the silicone tool is to tilt the coaster to move the resin towards the edges.


pouring clear resin onto the coaster



doming the coaster using clear resin


Step 13: Once the middle is covered, it's time to do the rim. Grab a pointed silicone tool and add the resin bit by bit to the outer rim of the coaster.

Wait for the resin to cure.


doming the edges with clear epoxy resin


As soon as the doming layer has finished curing, your Witches Brew Coaster is complete and ready for you to start using. 


Purple Witches Brew Coaster made with epoxy resin


Watch me make this coaster here:


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