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Tutorial: Resin Gummy Bears

I am writing this tutorial article as an in depth step by step guide to help you de-mold your resin gummy bears. I receive a lot of messages asking me for help regarding de-molding resin gummy bears. Due to their shape, size and depth, the gummy bears tend to need more effort when it comes to de-molding them from plastic molds. Basically, the smaller the bear, the more effort is needed.

The first thing you need to make sure of, is to fully fill the mold with resin. Fill the mold as much as possible, without over spilling, as this will help loads when it comes to de-mold your resin gummy bear from the mold.

If you fill the mold part way it will be more difficult to get the resin gummy bear out. 

Before you start de-molding your resin gummy bears, make sure that the resin has fully cured and hardened. This will also help a lot during the de-molding process.

Keep in mind that it might take days for the resin to fully cure/harden. This will depend, and is largely affected, by the weather and temperature you are working in. Colder temperatures will cause longer curing times and will require you to be a bit more patient.

If you are in a time crunch, you can still de-mold the gummies but it will take a significantly longer time and effort to do so. I would suggest planning ahead if possible to make your life easier.

As soon as the resin has fully cured, you can get to de-molding your resin gummy bears.

Firstly, start by twisting the mold gently as shown in the video tutorial linked below. This gets air inside and will separate the resin from the mold, which is what we need.

If your resin does not separate from the mold, and you don't see air pockets in between the mold and resin, it's likely that your resin has not fully cured yet and you need to wait longer.

The next step is to push the resin out of the mold. Pushing out the resin works best for plastic molds as opposed to grabbing the resin out. Apart from making it easier to de-mold, it also helps make your plastic molds last longer.

When applicable, push from the deepest part of the mold. In the case of the below picture, the bear's nose is the deepest part.

Continue twisting the mold and pushing the resin as needed until all of your gummy bears has been de-molded.

I have also made a video tutorial (linked below) to accompany this article in which I show each step. I suggest watching the video as well as the visual aid will help explain better.



  1. Fill the mold with resin up to the top
  2. Wait for the resin to fully cure
  3. To de-mold the gummy bear, start by gently twisting the mold
  4. Push the resin gummy bear out of the mold
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 as needed


Video tutorial is available here:


Molds used in this video:


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