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Tutorial: How to make Halloween bookmarks with epoxy resin

Halloween bookmarks - resin tutorial
To make these Halloween resin bookmarks you will need the following supplies:



Step 1: Gather all of your supplies

Step 2: Prepare your epoxy resin as per brand instructions.

Step 3: Divide the resin into 2 mixing cups.

Step 4: To the first cup of resin add the orange pigment and orange glitter.

Step 5: To the second mixing cup add the purple pigment and purple glitter.

prepare resin, divide into two cups and add pigments and glitter
Step 6: Mix each cup well for around 1-2 minutes each to make sure that the pigment has been thoroughly and equally distributed. 
Step 7: Pour the colored resin into the silicone mold. 
pour colored resin into bookmark silicone mold
Step 8: Add the confetti into the mold. You can use a toothpick for placing the confetti to the desired spot.
place confetti in resin
Step 9: Wait for the resin to cure.
Step 10: De-mold the bookmarks from the silicone mold.
demold resin bookmarks from silicone mold
The bookmarks are finished and ready to use 🙂
Halloween resin bookmarks
Halloween resin bookmarks
Watch the video tutorial here:

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