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Resin Tutorial: 🦇 Halloween Bookmarks

Craft Supplies

For this project you will need the following craft supplies:
  • epoxy resin
  • mixing cups
  • mixing sticks
  • Bookmark Silicone Mold
  • Bat Silhouette Silicone Mold
  • black pearl resin pigment
  • orange pearl resin pigment
  • blue pearl resin pigment
  • holographic gold fine glitter
  • iridescent blue fine glitter
  • iridescent orange fine glitter
  • iridescent orange cellophane flakes
  • black bat confetti
  • pearl stars
  • holographic gold star confetti


A video showing how to make this project is also available:



Step 1: Prepare and mix some resin. Make sure to follow the instructions included with your resin for measuring and mixing.

Step 2: Divide the resin into 3 mixing cups.

Step 3: To one cup add black resin pigment and mix well.

Step 4: Pour some of the black resin mixture into the larger cavity of the bat silicone mold.


Step 5: To another cup add holographic gold glitter and mix.


Step 6: Pour a small amount of the glittery resin mixture into both cavities of the bookmark mold.


Step 7: Add iridescent orange cellophane flakes to one of the bookmarks. Push down and embed the flakes into the resin using your stir stick.


Step 8: Add the bat and star embellishments to the other bookmark. Push down the embellishments to embed them into the resin and secure them in place.


Step 9: To the glittery resin mixture add blue resin pigment and iridescent blue glitter. Mix well.

Step 10: To the remaining cup of clear resin add orange resin pigment and iridescent orange glitter. Mix well. 


Step 11: Pour the 3 resin mixtures into the bookmark silicone mold.

Step 12: Wait for the resin to cure. 


Step 13: De-mold the bat and bookmarks from the silicone molds.

Step 14: Prepare and mix some resin.  

Step 15: Pour a tiny amount of resin at the top edge and gently place and secure the bat at an angle.

Step 16: Wait for the resin to cure.



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