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Resin Experiment: painting in resin with a permanent marker. Success or Failure?

Have you ever tried using permanent marker to paint in your resin projects? If not, and you're wondering if it will work out or not, there is no need to try it out yourself because I have tried it out for you.

In this article I will explain how I created the charms and whether the results were successful or not.

I started off by pouring a clear layer of resin into the silicone molds.

pouring clear epoxy resin into silicone mold

Once the clear layer has cured to a smooth hard touch, I hand painted on some images onto the first layer of resin using a black permanent marker.

painting on cured resin with black permanent marker

I then waited for the marker ink to dry and prepared some colored resin to use in the second layer.

adding colored resin into silicone mold for the second layer

I waited for the second layer of resin to fully cure and then de-molded the resin charms.

results from mold

Unfortunately this experiment was not a success at all since my aim was to have clear images. The second layer of resin ate away from the paint of the marker, resulting in an unclear and distorted image.Ā 

To be honest, I thought that this was going to work out - hence the huge pour that I made šŸ˜… That's a lesson for next time! šŸ˜

results from mold

If the distorted image was my plan and desired effect, then this experiment would have been a total success. You have to admit that the distorted effect does look cool if that's what you're after - it makes things look a bit more creepy šŸ˜„

result from mold


Watch the video here:Ā 

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