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Resin crafting in winter

Winter is the perfect season to cozy up and do some crafts. Our creativity aiding us to enjoy the long winter nights spent at home. I have been meaning to try making the double sided resin charms for months now, and I have finally decided to give it a try.

Cold winter temperatures are not ideal when you're working with resin. Apart from having to wait longer for the resin to cure, the temperature fluctuation causes issues. For example, in my case, the surface of the resin is not curing smooth and it has ripples. 

Nonetheless, I still craft with resin during winter without using any tools to control the temperature of the resin. I do this however knowing the limitations and also that a perfect final product is most likely not going to be achieved - this is not a big issue when I will be keeping the creations for myself.

I finally attempted to make some double sided charms. I also made a coaster and a snowflake, and some bookmarks using leftover resin.


If you'd like to watch how I made these resin pieces, feel free to watch the video below:

For the double sided charms, I started off by pouring a thin layer of colored resin into the mold. 

As soon as the first layer was cured, I proceeded by placing charms into the mold and then pouring in a layer of clear resin.

After waiting for the resin to fully cure, I demolded the charms from the mold. Now the next step that I plan is to dome them using clear resin and maybe adding some embellishments.

Since the back (surface not touching the mold) of the double sided charms was full of ripples, I did stop after the second layer and decided to finish the final layer when the weather warms up a bit. Attempting to dome them now would be futile. I'm really looking forward to finish them up, especially the one with the purple paw. I think that's my favorite one of them all! 

I hope that you've been having peaceful and calm crafting moments during this wintertime. Feel free to browse the blog and check in weekly for some inspiration or ideas for your next project.

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