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Tutorial: Making Halloween decorations with epoxy resin

Supplies needed for this project are as follows:

  • Epoxy resin
  • 3 Mixing cups and sticks
  • 5.9" Bat Silhouette Silicone Mold
  • Iridescent glitter: white, purple and orange
  • Alcohol ink: Violet and Black
  • Resin dye: Orange
  • Pearl resin pigment: Purple and Orange

Start off by gathering all of the supplies needed and by preparing a batch of epoxy resin.

Then divide the resin into 3 cups.

To the first cup add black alcohol ink and white iridescent glitter.

To the second cup add violet alcohol ink, purple pearl resin pigment and purple iridescent glitter.

To the third cup add orange resin dye, orange pearl resin pigment and orange iridescent glitter.

Mix each cup well for around 1-2 minutes to make sure that the pigments/dye has been equally distributed and incorporated into the resin mixture.

Start by pouring the black resin mix into the bat silicone mold, then the purple and then the orange. 

Wait for the resin to cure and de-mold the bat from the silicone mold.

I was working with very runny resin consistency so the effect of the colors got a bit distorted. I love how the bat turned out but I do think that this would have worked much nicer with a thicker resin consistency. 

This mold has in-built holes in it so the result comes out with holes in it right away without the need to drill or take any extra steps. All you need to do is add a string or chain to it and turn it into your own Halloween decoration. 


Watch the video here:

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