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How to make your own Pusheen Pizza Party Resin Coaster

For this project you will need the following supplies:

  • Coaster plastic mold
  • Epoxy resin
  • Pusheen sticker 
  • Yellow paint
  • Light brown paint
  • Glitter, confetti & cellophane glitter (I used a mix of white, red, yellow and light green)
  • Red resin pigment
  • Silicone nail art brushes


The first step is to pour a layer of clear epoxy resin into your coaster mold.

 Pour a clear layer of epoxy resin into your plastic mold


Then add your sticker into the uncured first layer. Make sure that the sticker is fully submerged to avoid it floating or curling at the edges. Once it's fully submerged, I like to move the sticker around a bit with a wooden stick to try and remove any possible air bubbles that might have formed between the resin and the sticker. 

For best results, wait for your resin to get tacky. You want the consistency of the resin not to be too runny, and also workable enough to get your sticker in without creating air bubbles. This helps to avoid having your sticker moving around, floating and also curling at the edges.

Then wait for the first layer of resin to fully cure. You want it to be hard with a smooth (non-sticky) finish for the part.


put your sticker into your uncured resin


The next step is to hand paint on some pizza slices onto the cured first layer of resin. I started off by painting on somewhat elongated triangles with yellow paint.

I opted to make my pizza slices plain cheese ones, however you can do toppings on yours. You can do pepperoni or veggie pizza slices, or even a mix of pizza slices (it is a pizza party after all). In which case, you would need to first paint on your toppings and let the paint completely dry. Then you can paint on the "cheesy" triangle bit.


painting pizza slices with yellow paint


Then paint on your crust using light brown paint. You don't need to wait for the yellow paint to dry for this. 

Wait for the paint to completely dry before you proceed to the next step.


paining pizza crust


Prepare a small amount of clear epoxy resin and also a glitter mix to add in.

I used a mix of iridescent red cellophane flakes, iridescent white chunky glitter, and iridescent heart confetti in red, yellow, white and light green.


Glitter mix for the second layer of resin


Add the glitter mix into your clear resin and mix well. 


mixing the glitter into clear epoxy resin


Pour the resin into your coaster mold and wait for it to cure to a hard touch (minimum to a solid jellylike stage) before proceeding to the next step.


pour the resin layer into your coaster mold


For the final layer, prepare some red pigmented epoxy resin and pour it into your mold. I used the pearl pigmented type of pigment.


pour a layer of red colored epoxy resin into your mold


When the resin has fully cured, de-mold your resin piece. 


resin coaster removed from plastic mold


For the next and final step prepare another small amount of epoxy resin to dome your coaster (you can also use UV resin if you prefer). This will give a very nice shine and finish to your coaster. 


doming the coaster with epoxy resin


Wait for your doming resin layer to fully cure and your coaster is ready. 


completed pusheen resin coaster



View the video here:




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