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How to make a Resin Lollipop Charm

A very common question that I get asked frequently is how I make the lollipop resin charms. In this blog post I'm going to go through all the steps for this easy method that I like to use. 


Step 1: Use craft putty to seal off the stick area of the lollipop

Firstly you will need to seal off the stick area of the lollipop mold with a craft putty. You can use any craft putty you have available.

Form a small cylindrical shape with the putty (see photo below for visual).


Form a small tube with putty


Then place the putty at the top part of the stick, in the "candy" area. Make sure to press the putty in well so that the resin will not leak. 


Seal off the stick area with the putty


If you start with the stick (before doing the candy part), as explained in this blog post, you will get a more realistic effect. 

Another option, for a more realistic effect (if desired), is to form a little channel in your putty for the stick to show inside the candy.


Step 2: Pour resin in the stick part of the mold

Next step is to pour the resin just in the stick area of the lollipop mold. If you have sealed off the area well, the resin will be contained. If the resin leaks, you will need to start over.


Pour resin in the stick part first


Step 3: Remove the putty

Once the resin stick part has cured well, remove the putty. 


Remove putty


Make sure to clean it off well for the best results, and if you use any metal tools like I did, be very careful not to scratch the mold. 


Make sure to clean off putty very well


Step 4: Pour resin into the candy part

Next step is to pour your resin into the top candy part of the mold. Do this slowly and make sure to overlap any missing parts in the stick (if you have any). 


Pour resin in the top part


Step 5: De-mold your resin charm

Once the resin is fully cured, de-mold your lollipop resin charm and you're done! 


Resin lollipop charm finished result



Watch the video tutorial here:

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