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How to make a galaxy resin charm

Supplies needed:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Cat silicone mold
  • Gold crescent moons
  • Iridescent hollow star confetti 
  • Iridescent lime green glitter powder
  • Iridescent white glitter powder
  • Sapphire blue pearl pigment
  • Rose resin dye
  • Purple pearl pigment
  • Snow resin dye
  • Clover resin dye



pour clear resin into mold

Start by pouring some epoxy resin into your silicone mold.


embed confetti into resin

Then embed the gold moons and starts into the resin layer you have just poured. Add as many as you like and when you're done, wait for the resin to cure before proceeding to the next step.


prepare colored resin

When the first layer has hardened, start mixing a batch of epoxy resin and divide it into 5 mixing cups and add dye / and glitter as follows:

  • Cup 1 - 2 drops of Sapphire Blue pearl pigment
  • Cup 2 - 1 drop of Rose resin dye + 1 drop of Snow resin dye + iridescent white glitter
  • Cup 3 - 2 drops of Purple pearl pigment
  • Cup 4 - 1 drop of Snow resin dye + iridescent white glitter
  • Cup 5 - 1 drop of Clover resin dye + iridescent green glitter

Mix each cup well to evenly distribute the dye and glitter.


pour colored resin into mold

 Pour the colored resin into the mold and wait for the resin to cure.


demold resin charm

 De-mold the resin charm from the mold.


demolded resin charm

dome resin charm

Pour and cover the front of the resin charm with resin to dome the charm and make it shiny. I used epoxy resin for doming, but you can also use UV resin if you prefer.


galaxy resin charm

When the doming layer has cured the resin charm is complete.


Note: As I was writing this blog post I realized that I forgot to pour the white mixture when pouring. Although I like how the charm turned out, I would suggest using the white as it would add a nice effect and a more realistic galaxy effect. 


Watch the video here

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