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Can I use silicone resin molds for chocolate and candy?

Nowadays silicone baking tools have become very common, so you might be asking - are resin silicone molds also suitable for chocolate and candy? The answer is that it depends - not all silicone resin molds can be used for food.

When can a resin silicone mold be used for chocolate, candy or other food creation?

There are various types of silicone available including food safe and non-food safe silicone. If the silicone used to create the resin silicone mold is of a food safe grade, then yes the mold can also be used for food, BUT the mold cannot be used for food after it has been used for resin or other crafts. It would need to be a new mold that you specifically use for food purposes. 

How do I know if a mold is food safe?

When a silicone resin mold is food safe, the information will be available in the listing description. When in doubt, always ask before placing an order. It is better to take an extra step and be safe when it comes to these things.

Things to consider

Keep in mind that the mold has been primarily designed for resin use, so make sure to check the dimensions of the creations that will come out of the mold. This way you can make sure that the mold is suitable for your needs. 
If you purchase molds both for crafting and for food, always make sure to keep the molds stored separately. Molds which have been used for resin or other crafts, cannot be used for food even if the silicone mold is food safe. Resin and other craft materials are full of toxic chemicals which contaminate the mold making it unsafe to use for food.

Pros of using food safe silicone resin molds for chocolate and candy

  • more design options are now available
  • if a handmade seller is sourced, there is the possibility of having custom made

Cons of using food safe silicone resin molds for chocolate and candy

  • not always available in a multi cavity tray
  • need to double check dimensions to make sure mold is suitable for project in mind
Food safe silicone resin molds are surely a huge benefit since this increases the possibility of finding the mold that you need as more design options are available.

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