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Can You Make Your Own Silicone Molds?

I'm sure that every crafter has thought about making their own mold as some point or another, especially if the mold needed is not widely available. Before going down this route you will need to consider various factors, including what mold you need and what you will be using the mold for.


Small mold vs Large mold

Smaller molds are easier to make compared to larger molds. For smaller molds there is more leeway and you can use 2 types of silicone: mold putty or liquid silicone. For larger molds, liquid silicone would be a better option.


Mold putty vs Liquid silicone

If both the putty and liquid silicone are suitable for the mold you have in mind, there is another thing to consider before committing to purchase your silicone, which is detail. Is the piece that you will be creating the mold from very detailed? If yes, then liquid silicone would be a better option than the putty. 

Both types of silicone come in 2 parts. For the putty, you will need to knead the 2 parts together and then press the putty around the item that you will be molding. For the liquid silicone you will need to mix the 2 parts together and then pour it onto the item that you will be molding. 

The putty silicone may be a more suitable option for small items or shallow pieces. For large, deep or very detailed/complex items, liquid silicone would be much easier to work with.


Will you be using the mold for crafts or for food creations?

If you will be using the mold for chocolate, fondant or any other food product, you will need to make sure that the silicone that you're using is food safe grade. This will be under the technical data information for the silicone. 

Normally brands will have a different variety of silicone material including non-food safe ones and food-safe ones. If you are unable to identify whether the silicone is food safe or not, make sure to ask the seller for this information.


Can I use my craft silicone molds for food?

If the silicone mold has been used for craft purposes, do not use the same mold for food products. Craft products have loads of toxic chemicals in them that will contaminate the molds. No matter how or how much you clean the mold, it is not safe to use these molds for food after that they have been used for crafts. 


How can I make my own silicone molds?

Visit this in-depth guide for making your own silicone molds using liquid silicone - a video tutorial is also included at the end. You will find a list of items that you will need along with an explanation on how to make the molds.


What if I don't have the item/piece needed to create the mold from?

If you don't have the item at hand and you have not been able to source one, another option is to have one made. If you have your own 3D printer you can easily have someone design something for you. You can then use the print to make the mold. 

If you don't have your own 3D printer, or you don't have a friend or relative who has one, you can use 3D printing services to have the design printed for you. These services are becoming widely available due to the ever growing popularity of 3D printing.

Before having a custom design made, make sure to search for readily available designs, as this would be a more affordable option than having something custom made. I do sell my designs for silicone mold making - I have designs with in-built trays for liquid silicone and also standard designs which can be used for both putty and liquid silicone. 


Before purchasing your silicone

Source the item that you will be creating the mold from first. Then decided whether you will need to use putty or liquid silicone, and also whether the silicone needs to be food safe or not. Once these factors have been established, then you can start researching for silicone to purchase the right type for your needs.


Making your own silicone molds is not difficult. The first step is to try making your first mold and start your learning experience.

I hope that you have found this helpful. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. 


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