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Are all molds food safe?
Yes, all molds are food safe. The plastic used to make all molds is FDA approved.

Do the molds need any mold release or any other product to use with resin?
There is no need to use any mold release or anything else for use with resin. The molds can be used as they are.

Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes, expedited shipping is possible. Please contact me for more information and costs BEFORE you place your order.

How do I use molds which are not flat or molds which do not stay even?
Always make sure that molds are even before pouring resin or any other material into them. This is very important as otherwise the result would not have a flat even back. You will also not make use of the mold well and as a result it may be very difficult to get your pieces out.
To ensure that molds are even you can use a bowl of rice and place the mold on the rice before you start using the mold.
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Sizing details
We take great care in ensuring that all of our product listings include the sizes as applicable. However, if we have missed one out, or you are still not sure whether the sizes indicated are suitable for what you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Resin Molds - do pieces need to be glazed once out of the mold?
Not all molds produce shiny pieces. 
You may opt to glaze or dome your pieces to protect them from scratches or if you would like to give the piece an extra shine.
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Do all orders include a tracking number?
No, not all orders include a tracking number. Please refer to shipping policies for more information. If you still have questions after reading these, please contact us.

Tips to remove pieces from molds

  1. ​Always make sure that you fill the mold to the top. This will make it easier to get your pieces out. If you fill the mold part way, pieces will be very hard to get out.
  2. Once your pieces are fully cured and before starting to get your pieces out, try and get as much air as you can in between your mold and your pieces. You can easily do this by gently twisting the mold, holding the mold from the corners at opposite vertical points.
  3. Push out your pieces by pressing from the deepest part of the mold.

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