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Which molds can I use with UV Resin?

UV resin requires no mixing of hardener with resin to start the curing process as it only requires UV light or sun rays to cure. As a result, you can have a longer working time with UV resin because it will only start to cure once you expose it to UV light. This is a crucial point to keep in mind when you are choosing and buying molds to use with UV resin.

Make sure to buy molds from which light can pass through. For example, all of my plastic molds are suitable to use with UV resin because light can pass through them. But not the silicone molds because light does not pass through the mold.

When you use the incorrect molds for UV resin, your resin will only cure at the outer end (since it is exposed to UV light), but the bottom layers will not cure (since they do not have light exposure) and you will end up with a gooey mess. 

If you are ever unsure whether the mold you're buying is suitable to use with UV resin always make sure to ask the mold maker/seller. 

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