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Resin Tutorial: Witchy Boots & Legs charms

If you are a resin beginner and looking to learn how to make resin charms or simply a seasoned resin crater but just want to know how and what I used to make these witchy charms, then you will find this tutorial useful.

For this project you will need the following supplies:


Step 1: Prepare some resin

Step 2: To the resin add purple pigment and lilac mica powder and mix well.


Step 3: Pour the purple resin mixture into the buckle section of the witchy boots and in the top part of the boots for the witchy legs mold.

Wait for the resin to cure.



Step 4: When the resin has cured, grab your gold pigment and apply it to the belt section of the witchy boots molds.

Note: I used a pointed silicone tool to apply the gold pigment but it was very messy. A small brush works much better and I suggest using it if you have one.



Step 5: Prepare some resin. To the resin add the black glitter, chunky charcoal glittery and black resin pigment. Mix well.



Step 6: Pour the black resin mixture into the molds.

Wait for the resin to cure.



Step 7: When the resin has finished curing, demold the resin pieces from the molds.



 Watch me make these resin charms in the video linked below:

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