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Resin Tutorial: Ouija coaster & matching bookmark

 witchy resin coaster


This project is made up of 2 parts. In the first part we will be creating the pieces that will be embedded into the coaster, and then in the second part we will make the coaster and bookmark. 


The supplies needed for this project are:



Part 1 - Creating the embeds

Note: Do not make these pieces very deep since they will be embedded into the coaster and/or used on top of the bookmark.

Step 1: Prepare some resin and divide it into 3 mixing cups.

Step 2: To one cup add purple pigment and glitter. Mix well. Pour this purple mixture into the planchette mold.

Step 3: To another cup add blue pigment. Mix well. Pour this blue resin mixture into the star mold.

Step 4: To the last cup add silver glitter. Mix well. Pour this mixture into the moon and star mold. 

Step 5: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 6: De-mold the planchette, moon and stars.

The embeds are now ready to use for the next part.


Part 2 - Making the coaster and bookmark

Step 7: Prepare some resin.

Step 8: Pour a thin layer of resin into the coaster mold. 

Note: You only need to cover the base - enough to embed the resin pieces half way.


pouring clear resin into mold


Step 9: Place the planchette, star and moon into the resin.


placing planchette into resin


Step 10: Wait for the resin to cure.


embedded charms in first layer


Step 11: When the first layer of resin has cured, prepare another batch of resin.

Step 12: To the resin add the lilac pigment and mix well.


adding purple pigment to resin


Step 13: Pour the lilac resin mix into the coaster mold (fill the mold all the way) and into the bookmark mold.

Step 14: Wait for the resin to cure.


pouring purple resin into coaster mold


Step 15: De-mold the coaster and bookmark from the molds.

Step 16: Using black acrylic paint and a silicone tool, paint on the details onto the coaster. Wait for the paint to dry before proceeding to the next step.


painting details


Step 17: Prepare some resin.

Step 18: Pour a small amount of resin onto the middle of the coaster. Gently tilt the coaster to move the resin around. You will get an even layer of resin in the middle of the coaster. Alternatively, use a silicone tool to move the resin around. Dome the coaster edge using a pointed silicone tool.


doming with resin


doming with resin


Step 19: Pour some of the resin at the top of the bookmark. You only need a small amount to secure the star.  


adding resin onto top of bookmark


Step 20: Place the star on the uncured resin.


placing star on bookmark


Step 21: Wait for the resin to cure.


finished bookmark and coaster


As soon as the resin has finished curing the coaster and it's matching bookmark are complete. 


For a visual guidance watch the video:

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