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Resin Tutorial: Making an Aurora Coaster

This is a step by step tutorial teaching you a very easy method to make an Aurora/Northern Lights coaster using epoxy resin. This project is suitable for resin beginners and also for experienced resin crafters. 

Below you will find a list of all supplies that you require to make this project along with step by step instructions. A video tutorial is also available.


Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial here:



Supplies needed

For this project you will need the following supplies:

  • epoxy resin
  • Coaster Silicone Mold
  • iridescent fine white glitter
  • iridescent white cellophane flakes
  • pearl resin pigment: green, white, blue & purple
  • light purple mica powder



Day 1

Step 1: Prepare some resin. To the resin add iridescent fine white glitter and iridescent white cellophane flakes. Mix well.

Step 2: Pour the glittery resin mixture into the coaster mold - only fill the mold half way. Watch the video for guidance.

Wait for the resin layer to cure.


pouring glittery resin mix into mold


Day 2

Step 3: Prepare some resin and divide it into 2 mixing cups.

Step 4: To the first mixing cup add green resin pigment, white resin pigment and blue resin pigment.

Step 5: To the second mixing cup add purple resin pigment, white resin pigment and a tiny amount of lilac mica powder.


preparing mint and lilac resin mixtures


Step 6: Mix each cup well and make sure that the pigments have been thoroughly and equally distributed throughout the resin mix.


colored resin mixtures


Step 7: Start pouring each color into the mold bit by bit at different parts. Watch the video for guidance.

Fill the mold up to the top.

Wait for the resin to cure.


pouring green resin into mold


mint and lilac resin poured into mold


Day 3/4 (when resin has finished curing - time varies depending on room temperatures)

Step 8: Once the resin has finished curing, demold the coaster from the mold and your Aurora coaster is complete.


demolding coaster from silicone mold


northern lights resin coaster

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