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DIY: How to make a Pink October Rainbow Charm with epoxy resin

In this article I go through a step by step process, explaining how you can make your own rainbow charm for Pink October.

This project is suitable for resin beginners - it only requires a 2 step pour as you will see from the instructions below.

rainbow resin charm for pink october

 Supplies used for this project are as follows:

  • epoxy resin
  • measuring cups (1 large + 3 small) + wooden stir sticks
  • Rainbow silicone mold
  • Pink alcohol ink
  • Pink pearl resin pigment
  • 2 shades of iridescent pink glitter
  • white acrylic paint (you can also use white alcohol ink or resin pigment)

supplies used

Step 1: Prepare and mix a batch of clear resin.

Step 2: To the clear resin add the alcohol ink, pearl pigment, white acrylic paint and both shades of glitter.

Step 3: Mix the resin well for around 1-2 minutes to make sure that the pigments have been thoroughly and equally distributed.

mixed resin

Step 4: Pour the colored resin into the rainbow silicone mold until the mold is full.

Step 5: Wait for the resin to cure.

pouring resin into rainbow silicone mold

Step 6: Once the resin has cured, de-mold the rainbow resin charm from the silicone mold.

demolding resin from rainbow silicone mold

Step 7: Prepare and mix another batch of clear resin.

Step 8: Divide the clear resin into 3 small mixing cups.
In these cups we will create 3 different shades of pink to put into the rainbow cavities of the rainbow resin charm that you have just created.

Step 9: To the first mixing cup add the alcohol ink and some of the pearl pigment (more of the alcohol ink and much less of the pearl pigment).

Step 10: To the second cup add a tiny bit of the alcohol ink and some of the pearl pigment (more of the pearl pigment and much less of the alcohol ink).

Step 11: To the third cup add the pearl pigment and a drop or two of the acrylic paint.

prepared colored resin in 3 shades of pink

Step 12: Pour each colored resin into one of the rainbow cavities.

pouring resin

Step 13: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 14: Your Pink October resin charm is now ready to be turned into a key chain/magnet/pendant or anything else that you have in mind.

front of pink october rainbow charm

The back of the charm also has a lovely effect, so you can use either side of the rainbow.

back of pink october resin charm

An optional additional final step would be to add another clear layer of resin at the front of the rainbow. 

finished resin charm


Watch the video:


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