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DIY: Heart resin charm Tutorial

This project did not go completely as I initially imagined, but at the same time whatever does? Two unintended effects resulted when I was doing this resin charm - the alcohol inks grouped to the middle (which I coincidentally like better) and the final layer that I poured had a lot of micro bubbles (but created an effect that I like). Most probably, had I planned to make these effects, they wouldn't have come out, so don't worry if your project does not turn out the way you had imagined. Sometimes it's for the best 😊


 Supplies needed

  • 2 inch Heart Shaker Silicone Mold
  • Epoxy resin
  • Alcohol inks: Pink and Fuchsia
  • Multi colored clay heart confetti
  • Iridescent heart confetti in pink, red and hot pink
  • Sticker



Prepare a batch of epoxy resin to the brand's instructions and fill your silicone mold to the top.


Fill your resin shaker mold with clear epoxy resin


I am using the Pink and Fuchsia alcohol inks for this project. 


Resin dye colors used for this project are pink and fuchsia


Add drops of the alcohol ink randomly to your uncured resin.  I'm not sure why mine ended up grouping to the middle, but I suspect it might be because I did not add enough alcohol ink. 


Add drops of your alcohol inks into your resin


Wait for the resin to fully cured and de-mold your resin charm from your silicone mold. 


demold your resin charm


Next add a thin layer of resin into the middle of the charm and add the clay heart confetti. Then wait for the resin layer to harden.


pour a thin layer of resin and add heart confetti


Then add your sticker into the charm by sticking it on well. When done, add another thin layer of resin into the middle of the charm and sprinkle on the iridescent heart confetti. Wait for the resin layer to harden. 


add your sticker when resin has cured


pour another thin layer of resin and ass iridescent heart confetti


In my case, the middle part was not filled to the top, so next I first poured enough resin to fill the middle, and in the same step started to add more resin bit by bit to do the doming as well. 


fill the rest of the cavity with resin and dome the charm in the same step


Wait for the resin to fully cured and your resin charm is complete. 


finished heart resin charm



View the video here

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