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Tutorial - Dog Collar Tags with resin

Supplies used:

  • Bones silicone mold
  • Epoxy resin
  • Confetti: pumpkins, spiders & paws
  • Violet alcohol ink
  • Mango alcohol ink
  • Blue alcohol ink
  • Split jump rings
  • Black permanent marker



 pour resin into mold

Pour a clear layer of resin into the mold. Make sure that the resin also goes through the hoop area as well - I like using a toothpick or one of the pointed silicone tools and move the resin around the hoops.


place confetti in resin

Add the confetti to the uncured layer of resin. I used pumpkins, paws, and spiders, but you can use any that you have (or like) to make yours.

Wait for the resin to harden.


pour colored resin into mold

Divide your resin into 3 mixing cups - one for each color you will be mixing. Use more or less depending on how you will be making yours.

For the violet I used, 3 drops of Violet alcohol ink. For the orange, I used 4 drops of Mango alcohol ink. And for the blue, I used 3 drops of Blue alcohol ink.

Mix the coloring in well, and pour into your silicone mold. Once again, make sure that the resin goes all the way through the hoop area.

Wait for the resin to cure.


remove charms from mold

When the resin has cured, remove the bones from the silicone mold.

Use black permanent marker or acrylic paint to write your pet's name. I used a permanent marker for mine, and it bled a little when I domed the charms. Next time I will have to seal the name using Mod Podge before doming.


dome resin charms

 Dome your charms with resin and wait for it to cure.


finished dog collar tags

Once the doming layer has cured, add the split jump rings and your dog collar tags are ready.

Hopefully your dog won't mind them. I put the pumpkin one on Tobi's collar and he wasn't happy - he managed to chew one side of it. So I removed it right away. Tobi was not hurt as we noticed right away that he was chewing it, but the same couldn't be said to the tag. 


Watch the video here 

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