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Resin Tutorial: Winter Coaster & matching Bookmarks 🌲❄

 winter trees resin coaster


In this tutorial we will be making a Winter Tree themed bookmark and coaster using epoxy resin. We will first start by creating the trees using resin. Then we will be creating the coaster, in which we will embed the trees, and we will also create the bookmarks. For the bookmarks the trees will be attached on after we take them out of the mold rather than embedding them. This will help make the bookmark easier to use as the tree will help keep the bookmark in place when it's in use.


For this project you will need the following supplies:



Step 1: Prepare a small amount of resin and the trees silicone mold.

Step 2: To the resin add green alcohol ink and green pearl resin pigment. Mix well.


preparing green resin mix


Step 3: Pour the green resin mixture into the silicone mold.

Note: You will need a minimum of 3 trees for the coaster and 1 for each bookmark.


pouring green resin mix into trees silicone mold


Step 4: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 5: De-mold the trees from the mold when the resin has finished curing.


demolding trees from silicone mold


Step 6: Paint the tops of the trees using white acrylic paint. Whilst the paint is still wet, sprinkle on some white iridescent glitter powder.

Step 7: Wait for the paint to dry.


painting tree tops with white acrylic paint



sprinkling glitter on tree tops


Step 8: Prepare a batch of resin and the coaster silicone mold.

Step 9: Pour the resin into the coaster mold - you only need to cover the base so that you are able to embed the trees into this layer of resin. Do not fill all of the mold with resin as we will be adding a second layer to complete the coaster.

Step 10: Place the trees into the clear resin layer.

Step 11: Wait for the resin to cure.


embedding the trees into resin coaster mold


Step 12: Prepare another batch of clear resin and divide it into 2 mixing cups.

Step 13: To one cup add blue pearl resin pigment and white pearl resin pigment.

Step 14: To the other cup add white pearl resin pigment, iridescent white glitter powder and iridescent white chunky glitter.

Step 15: Mix each cup well.


white and blue resin mix


Step 16: Pour the blue and white resin mix into the coaster. The blue should be at the tops of the trees and the white at the bottom (the blue represents the sky and the white is the white covered land).


pouring white and blue resin mix into coaster mold


Step 17: Pour the blue and white resin mixtures into the bookmark mold.


pouring white and blue resin into bookmark silicone mold


Step 18: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 19: De-mold the coaster and bookmarks from the molds.


demolding coaster from silicone mold



finished winter coaster


Step 20: Prepare a small batch of resin. Or save some clear resin from another project that you're working on, as you only need a tiny amount to secure the trees onto the bookmarks.

Step 21: Using your mixing stick place a tiny amount of resin at the top of the bookmark/s. Then place the tree and press gently to secure. 

Step 22: Wait for the resin to cure.


adding trees to the bookmarks


As soon as the resin has finished curing both of your bookmark/s and coaster are complete. 

In case you need visual guidance for any of the steps, a video is linked below, showing how I made the bookmarks and coaster. If you have any questions, do leave a comment down below or on the video.


winter trees resin bookmarks and coaster set


 Watch the video here:

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