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Tutorial: Making a pastel galaxy resin coaster using resin embeds

For this project you will need the following supplies:



The first step is to pour a clear layer of resin into your coaster mold. Then add your alien themed resin charms. I made these charms with extra resin I had left from the spider stars featured in an earlier blog.


Clear layer of epoxy resin in plastic mold

Add your resin charms into your first layer of resin


Next add the iridescent cellophane flakes and star confetti to the first layer whilst the resin is still uncured. Then wait for the resin to harden before proceeding to the next step.


add iridescent stars and cellophane glitter


Prepare your epoxy resin and divide into 2 cups. For coloring the resin you will need white acrylic paint, lilac solid resin pigment and clover resin dye.


pigments to color the resin


Add the lilac pigment to one of your cups, and add the clover pigment along with the white acrylic paint to the other cup. Mix them well, at least 3 minutes each cup.

Keep in mind not to add too much pigment/paint to your resin as this may affect the curing of your resin. For more information on this go to this blog post


add pigments to your resin and mix well


Once you thoroughly mix your colored resin, pour it into your mold and let it fully cure.


pour your resin into your coaster mold for the second and final layer


De-mold your coaster when the resin has fully cured. This will make it easier to de-mold and also help care for your mold. Usually it takes around 48 hours for my resin to fully cure. However, this will vary from one brand to another. 


demold your coaster from the mold

resin coaster out of the mold


Next step is to dome the coaster with a layer of resin to make it shiny.

Tip: You can use UV resin for this step if you want to speed up the process or if you're in a time crunch and need to finish your coaster earlier. 


dome coaster to make it shiny


Wait for the doming layer to fully cure and your resin coaster is finished. 


pastel galaxy resin coaster mold is finished



 Watch the video here

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