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Tutorial: Howling wolf resin coaster - embedding resin charms into resin

howling wolf resin coaster


The supplies needed for this project are as follows:



To make this coaster we will be using a howling wolf resin charm and a crescent moon resin charm, both of which will be embedded into the coaster. You will need to make these before starting to work on the coaster itself, so you can plan ahead and maybe get these done using leftover resin when you're working on other projects.

Step 1: Make the wolf and moon pieces.

For the wolf, mix black resin pigment and glitter into clear resin. Mix well, and then pour the black resin mix into the howling wolf silicone mold.

For the crescent moon, mix orange pigment and glitter into clear resin. Mix well, and then pour the orange resin mix into the crescent moon silicone mold.


pouring black colored resin into howling wolf silicone mold


Step 2: Wait for the resin to cure and de-mold the howling wolf and crescent moon from the silicone molds.


howling wolf resin piece


Step 3: Prepare a batch of clear resin and pour it into the coaster mold - you only need enough resin to have an even layer in the middle of the coaster. Do not fill more than half of the mold.


pouring clear resin into coaster plastic mold


Step 4: Place the wolf and moon into the clear layer of resin. Then also add the gold stars.


placing wolf and crescent moon into coaster mold


Step 5: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 6: Paint the back of the moon using white acrylic paint and wait for the paint to fully dry.

 painting the back of the crescent moon with white acrylic paint


Step 7: Prepare another batch of resin.

Step 8: Into the clear resin add purple resin pigment, and the two shades of purple glitter. For the glitter I used iridescent purple and holographic purple.

Mix well and make sure that the pigment has been thoroughly and evenly distributed.

 adding purple glitter and pigment into resin cup


Step 9: Pour the purple resin mix into the coaster mold. This is the final layer so make sure to fill up the rest of the mold.


pouring purple resin mix into coaster silicone mold


Step 10: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 11: De-mold the coaster from the mold once the resin has finished curing.

To de-mold the coaster, grab the mold from opposite edges and twist the mold gently. This will help release the resin from the mold for a very easy de-molding process. For a demo you can view the video linked below or for a more in depth explanation go to this article which has an accompanying video tutorial.  


demolding resin coaster from plastic mold


resin coaster


Step 12: Prepare another batch of clear resin for doming the coaster to make it shiny.

Pour a small amount of the clear resin into the middle of the coaster. Then move the resin gently to the edges by tilting the coaster or by using a silicone tool. 

For the outer rim, use a pointed silicone to dome with clear resin.


doming coaster with resin


Step 13: Wait for the doming layer of resin to cure and your coaster is complete.


resin coaster


howling wolf resin coaster


If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section at the end of this page.


You can watch me make this coaster in this video linked below:


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