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Resin Tutorial: Love Letter key-chain (Valentine's Day DIY craft project)

Craft Supplies

You will need the following craft supplies:
  • epoxy resin
  • mixing cups & sticks
  • envelope silicone mold
  • red pearl resin pigment
  • rose red pearl resin pigment
  • white pearl resin pigment
  • iridescent white fine glitter
  • iridescent white cellophane flakes
  • iridescent white strip glitter
  • light pink glitter
  • UV resin (optional)
  • findings: key ring with chain and eye screw


Video Tutorial

In addition to the instructions provided below, a video showing how to make this project is also available:



Step 1: Prepare and mix your resin.

Step 2: To the resin add red pearl pigment and rose red pearl pigment.

Step 3: Mix the resin well.

Step 4: Pour the berry red resin mixture into the envelope edges and the heart sections of the silicone mold.

Step 5: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 6: Prepare and mix resin.

Step 7: To the resin add white pearl pigment and the glitter.

Step 8: Mix well.

Step 9: Pour the white glittery resin mixture into the silicone mold.

Step 10: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 11: Remove the resin piece from the silicone mold when it has fully cured.

Step 12: Use epoxy resin or UV resin to dome/glaze the letter for a shiny finish.

Step 13: Drill a hole at one of the top corners of the envelope.

Step 14: Add the eye crew and key ring with chain.

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