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Resin Tips: Re-purposing resin pieces made from extra resin


hearts resin coaster


A great way to use up the resin pieces that you make from leftover resin is by using them in other projects. One way of doing this is by embedding these pieces into resin. 

I used these 3 pink hearts that I made from extra resin to make a Valentine's themed coaster. 


resin in silicone mold


The process is very easy. You use the resin pieces just as you would stickers, but it's much simpler because these won't curl or float. They do move around sometimes (just like stickers), but if you keep an eye on them you'll be fine. 


placing hearts in resin


Pour a thin layer of resin into your mold first and then place the resin pieces into the uncured layer of resin. 

As soon as the first layer cures, you prepare another resin mix and pour it into the mold, covering the embedded resin pieces.


pouring resin mix into silicone mold


The effect they create is very pretty. I have been experimenting with embedding resin pieces into larger resin projects and I've been having so much fun. This opens up much more ideas and possibilities. 


finished coaster


Watch the video here:


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