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How to make a Beach Waves Resin Coaster

For this project you will need the following items:


The first step is to pour a clear layer of resin. 


Pour a layer of clear resin into your coaster mold


Then add your seashell confetti (optional), or any other embellishments that you would like to include. If you will be opting not to include any confetti (or any other embellishments), I would still suggest doing this clear layer of resin before adding the colored resin. It will give an added dimension to your coaster and a very nice effect. 

Leave the first layer to cure.


Add any confetti to your first resin layer


Once the first layer of resin has cured enough, it's time to add the second layer.

Prepare 3 cups with clear resin and add your colors (for details on the colors and pigments that I used, refer to the notes at the end of this blog post).


Prepare your resin with pigments


Mix your pigments well. 


Mix your pigments into your resin well


Start pouring the resin starting with the outer colors first. I started with the deep blue sea (dark blue) part and the sea foam (white) first at opposite ends.


Star poring your resin from the edges


Then add your middle color next. In my case I added the sea green color in between the first two. 


Pour your third resin color in the middle


Add colored resin as needed and let it set. You can blend the colors a bit, and if you opt to do so, I would suggest not going overboard otherwise you might lose the effect if you blend too much.

Let the resin fully cure.


All three resin colors poured


Once the resin has fully cured, de-mold your coaster from the mold. 


Demolded resin coaster


Next step is to make your coaster shiny (for a nicer finish) by doming it with resin. 


Doming your resin coaster with resin


Your Beach Waves Resin Coaster is ready once the doming layer has fully cured.


Finished shiny beach waves resin coaster





Watch the video here:



*I am using the following resin pigments for this project. I used the colors Sapphire Blue, Peacock blue mixed with Green, and White.

Resin Paints Mother of Pearl Pigment Liquid Dye

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