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DIY Poker Chip Set using epoxy resin

I have been meaning to make my own poker chip set for a while now and I've finally gotten round to it. These were super fun to make and I really love how they turned out. Getting to pick and make the set in the colors of my choosing is a big pro for me. 

I will be going through the process on how to make your own poker chips. Keep reading if you're interested in making your own set.



The supplies needed for this project are as follows:

  • epoxy resin
  • poker chip silicone mold
  • thin paint brush or silicone tool
  • mixing cups and sticks
  • 5 colors of resin pigments - I used green mica powder, blue resin pigment, red resin pigment, yellow resin pigment and purple mica powder.
  • black acrylic paint



There are two ways to go for painting the detail on the poker chips. The first option is to paint the detail on the mold (as shown in the photo below) prior to pouring resin into the mold. Alternatively, the second option is to paint the detail after the chips are out of the mold. 

Option 1: Start by paining the detail on the silicone mold using black acrylic paint and a thin paint brush (or silicone tool). When finished, wait for the paint to fully dry and then pour the resin into the mold.

Option 2: Pour your colored resin into the mold and wait for the resin to cure. De-mold the poker chips from the mold when the resin has fully cured, and then proceed to paint the detail using black acrylic paint and a thin paint brush (or silicone tool).



Note: Each cavity (poker chip) uses up around 4 ml of epoxy resin. Keep this in mind when preparing and mixing your resin.

Start by deciding which method you will be using for painting the detail, along with the colors that you'd like for your poker chip set. It's also a good idea to plan the ratio of the colors beforehand and to keep a note of this easily accessible for future reference. This helps to easily plan each pour accordingly. 

Once all the planning is complete, you can start making the poker chips.

Step 1: Paint the detail and wait for the paint to dry (if choosing Option 1)

Step 2: Prepare and mix resin

Step 3: Add pigment to resin and mix well

Step 4: Pour the colored resin mixture into the silicone mold

Step 5: Wait for the resin to cure

Step 6: De-mold the poker chips from the silicone mold

Step 7: Paint the detail (if choosing Option 2)



Repeat the steps as necessary until you achieve the desired set. 



Finally don't forget to add the values to your poker chips by painting them on or you can also use stickers.




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