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DIY Bubble Heart Resin Charms

You will need the following supplies for this project:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Small Puffy Heart Plastic Mold
  • Winnie the Pooh stickers
  • Iridescent heart confetti
  • Iridescent white glitter
  • Iridescent cellophane flakes
  • White acrylic paint
  • Pearl white resin dye
  • Violet resin dye
  • Clover resin dye



pouring clear epoxy resin into mold


Start by pouring a small amount of clear epoxy resin into your mold. You need enough resin to submerge your sticker into. At the same time, if you do not add too much resin, it would be beneficial because it helps keep the sticker from floating during the curing process.


adding stickers to resin


Then embed your stickers into the resin. You can do so right away if you added a thin layer. Otherwise, if you have a thick layer, you may want to wait for the resin not to be too runny before you start adding in your stickers.


adding iridescent confetti to resin


Then sprinkle on the iridescent heart confetti. I used different colors in each heart - baby pink, purple, baby blue and green. 


adding glitter to resin layer


Then add the iridescent white glitter and afterwards the cellophane glitter flakes. Add both the confetti and the glitter when the resin is still sticky. That way the confetti and glitter won't float when you pour in the second layer of resin. 

Wait for the resin to harden before you proceed to the next step. 


resin dyes used to color resin


acrylic paint used to color resin


To color the resin I used Violet resin dye, White pearl resin pigment, Clover resin dye, and white acrylic paint.

Prepare a mix of epoxy resin and divide into two. 

For the purple mixture I added 1 drop of Violet resin dye, 3 drops of White pearl resin pigment, and 1 drop of white acrylic paint.

For the green mixture I added 1 drop of Clover resin dye, 3 drops of White pearl resin pigment, and 1 drop of white acrylic paint.

If you don't want the pearl effect, you can just leave out the white pearl pigment without any adjustments. 

Mix both mixtures well - at least for 3 minutes each.


mixing colored resin


Pour the colored resin into the mold.

Make sure to fill each cavity up to the top this time round. 


pouring resin into mold


Wait for the resin to fully cure and de-mold your resin charms.

Waiting for a full cure helps in the de-molding process when using plastic molds. For more information on this visit the article How to de-mold resin from plastic molds


de-molding resin charms


Prepare another batch of epoxy resin and dome your resin charms to make them shiny. 


doming resin charms


Wait for the resin to cure and your resin charms are complete.

Be careful if you are handling the charms before the resin is fully cured as you might leave fingerprints on them and you'll have to dome them all over again.


resin charms

resin charms


Watch the video here

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