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Are silicone molds food safe?

Silicone has become a widely used product in baking and other tools used for food preparation. Due to this, you might eventually end up asking yourself whether all silicone molds are food safe. If they are, your mold options would certainly increase by a lot since you could also consider using craft silicone molds. But are all silicone molds food safe?

The answer to your question is that it depends. Not all silicone is food safe and so the mold is only suitable to use for food if the silicone used to make the mold itself is food safe. 

How can I identify if a mold is food safe or not?

This information would normally be included in the item description or specifications. For example all of the molds that I make and sell are made from food safe grade silicone and I make sure to include this information in the listing description.

If you are ever in doubt whether the mold can be used for food, make sure to ask the seller before placing your order. It's better to an extra step and be safe.


Can I use food safe silicone molds after I used them for crafts?

If you have silicone molds which are made from food grade silicone and you have used these molds for craft purposes, you are no longer able to use these molds for food purposes. Since the molds have been in contact with non-food chemicals, the molds are no longer safe to use for food due to the toxic chemicals found in craft items. 

If it's the other way round, where you have a food mold and you no longer plan to use it for food purposes, you are able to use it for crafts after giving it a thorough clean.


If you plan to use your mold for chocolate, fondant or any other food item, always remember to check that the mold is food safe. 



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