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Adding Dimension and Depth to your resin pieces

Depending on your desired result, adding dimension to your resin charms can be beneficial and can take your resin charms to a whole new level.

In this blog post I will be going through how to add dimension and depth to your resin art. I made two resin charms, one with more depth and dimension than the other. The only difference between the two charms is the number of layers that I worked with when creating the charm.


Creating a two layer resin charm

First step is to pour a clear layer of resin.


Pour clear layer of resin


You can leave the first layer as is, or you can add some embellishments at this stage. I added some iridescent star confetti.


Add embellishments into your first layer of clear resin


When the first layer has cured enough, the next step is to pour the second layer of resin. I mixed some iridescent cellophane glitter, along with lilac resin pigment and some more confetti. 


Add second layer of resin


Creating a one layer resin charm

Just pour your mixed resin into your mold in one layer. I used the same resin mix as the two layer charm so it will be easier to compare and show the different effect between the two resin charms.


Pour 1 layer of resin


Results and comparison

Demold your resin charms when they are fully cured.

At this stage, since the charms are still matte, the difference in dimension is not highlighted as much. However, you can still see that the two layer charm has more depth than the one layer charm. The effect may be seen better in the video (linked at end of this blog post).


Comparing 2 layer resin charm to 1 layer resin charm


Side comparison of 2 layer resin charm to 1 layer resin charm


To add more dimension (to both resin charms), and also to give a higher level of finish, I also like doming my resin charms with clear resin.

 Doming with resin


From the below photo you can see that the doming step has added more dimension to both resin charms.


Comparing 2 layer resin charm to 1 layer resin charm after doming with resin


2 layer resin charm comparison before and after doming with resin


1 layer resin charm comparison before and after doming with resin


Depending on the desired effect, or the needs of your project, you will choose the option that suits you most. Pouring just one layer of resin and then doming your charm, can still give you a nice dimension, so you may opt for this choice since it's quicker to complete the charm. However, in some cases, it may be more beneficial work in two layers.

You can also add more than two layers of resin to add even more depth. Again, this will depend on what effect you want to achieve. If you are working with a more complex project (for example a scene), this might be an option to consider. It will take more work and time to complete, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

An important thing to keep in mind is the depth of your mold. If your mold is not deep enough to work in multiple layers, you would be better off pouring just one layer and then dome as a way to add dimension. Otherwise you may risk your resin not curing. If your mold is deep enough, you have the choice to work as you prefer.



 Watch the video here



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