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Tutorial: How to make a Philosopher's Stone with Epoxy Resin

 philosophers stone epoxy resin gemstone

To make this Philosopher's Stone gemstone I used 3 different shades of red to add depth to the finished gemstone. I also used 3 different types of pigments to add texture along with some sparkly glitter and flakes. The type of pigments used are alcohol ink, pearl pigment and resin dye. Each of these give a different effect which will help add depth and texture to your finished resin piece.

Continue reading for a step by step tutorial to make this Philosopher's Stone gemstone.

The supplies needed to make this project are as follows:

  • epoxy resin
  • 1 oz Gemstone Silicone Mold
  • 3 mixing cups and sticks
  • 3 shades of red resin pigment - I used red alcohol ink, red pearl pigment and red resin dye
  • iridescent red glitter
  • iridescent red cellophane flakes



Step 1: Gather all of the supplies.

Step 2: Mix a batch of resin and divide it into 3 mixing cups.

Step 3: To the first mixing cup add the red resin dye and the cellophane flakes.

Step 4: To the second cup add red alcohol ink and the red glitter.

Step 5: To the third mixing cup add red pearl pigment.

 add pigments to resin


Step 6: Mix each cup well for 1-2 minutes to ensure that the pigments and dyes have been thoroughly and equally distributed in the resin mixture.


mix resin


Step 7: Start pouring in each resin mix one at a time. Pour one color as a base mix, and then pour the other two at different spots in the mold. Watch the video linked down below to see how I did this step.


pour resin into gemstone silicone mold


Step 8: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 9: De-mold the resin gem from the silicone mold.


de-mold resin from silicone mold


Step 10: Prepare another batch of resin and use it to glaze the gem. This step is optional but it's worth it since it gives the stone a super shiny finish.


glaze the gemstone with clear resin


Step 11: Wait for the glaze to cure and your Philosopher's Stone is complete.


philosophers stone resin gemstone



 Watch the video here:


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