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Tutorial: How to make wintery bookmarks with epoxy resin

For this project you will need the following supplies:

  • epoxy resin
  • mixing cups and sticks
  • bookmark silicone mold
  • iridescent snowflake confetti
  • blue mica powder
  • iridescent light blue glitter powder

Step 1: gather all of the supplies needed

Step 2: mix a batch of resin and set aside a small amount of clear resin for later

Step 3: to your resin add the blue mica powder and blue glitter and mix well

Step 4: Pour the blue resin mix into the silicone mold - enough to cover the base and a little bit more. Do not fill it up to the edge as we will be adding a tiny bit more resin at a later stage.

Step 5: Sprinkle on the snowflake confetti onto the resin and place them randomly all around using a wooden stick.

Step 6: If you have space in your mold, add some clear resin (the one you've set aside right at the beginning) into the mold. 
This is an optional step - it adds a nice effect and more depth to the bookmark.

Step 7: Wait for the resin to cure

Step 8: De-mold the bookmarks from the silicone mold




Watch the video here:

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