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Spring Meadow hand-painted resin bookmark

Welcome to my resin crafting blog! This week I wanted to make myself a bookmark for spring-time. I wanted to draw within the resin layers, so I poured the bookmark in a total of 2 resin layers. I used clear epoxy resin for the first layer, which served as the 'canvas' for my drawing. Then for the second and final layer I used a mixture of 2 resin colors. 

Keep reading for a list of craft supplies used, step-by-step instructions and a video showing how I made the bookmark.


Craft Supplies

You will need the following craft supplies:



Step 1: Measure and mix epoxy resin as per instructions provided with your resin.

Step 2: Pour a thin layer of clear resin into your mold. Make sure to evenly coat the surface of your mold.

Step 3: Wait for the resin to cure - approximately 24 hours. You need the resin to have a hard smooth surface before you proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Use the acrylic markers to draw on your resin.

Step 5: Wait for the marker paint to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6: Measure and mix epoxy resin as per instructions provided with your resin.

Step 7: Divide the resin into 2 mixing cups.

Step 8: To one mixing cup add sky alcohol ink and glitter silver blue resin pigment.

Step 9: To the other mixing cup add violet alcohol ink and lilac glitter resin pigment.

Step 10: Mix each resin mixture well, making sure to evenly distribute the pigment throughout the resin.

Step 11: Pour the resin into your mold, filling the mold all the way to the top.
Start by pouring small amounts of one color. Then pour the second color, and top up with both colors as needed.

Step 12: Wait for the resin to cure.

Step 13: Remove the bookmark from the silicone mold.


A video showing how I made the bookmark is also available on my YouTube channel:

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