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Resin Tutorial: Mermaid Seashell Earrings

 seashell earrings resin tutorial


For this project you will need the following craft supplies:

  • mixing cups
  • mixing sticks
  • toothpick or a thin paint brush
  • epoxy resin
  • seashell silicone mold
  • teal alcohol ink
  • white pearl resin pigment
  • purple pearl resin pigment
  • lilac resin pigment
  • iridescent white glitter
  • iridescent white cellophane flakes
  • lilac mica powder
  • eye screw x2
  • jump ring x2
  • dangle earring finding x2


A video tutorial showing the steps explained in this tutorial is also available:



Step 1: Prepare some resin as per manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2: Divide the resin into 2 mixing cups.

Step 3: To one cup add teal ink, white pigment and iridescent white cellophane flakes.

Step 4: To the other cup add white pigment, purple pigment, lilac pigment and iridescent white fine glitter.



Step 5: Mix each resin mixture well making sure to thoroughly and evenly distributed the pigments.

Step 6: Pour the green resin mixture into the seashell mold. I suggest using a stir stick to have more control of the amount poured.



Step 7: Pour some of the lilac mixture into the mold. Do not use all of the mixture and do not fill the mold all the way at this stage.



Step 8: To the lilac resin mixture add lilac mica powder and more of the purple pigment to create a darker shade of purple. Mix well.




Step 9: Pour the darker purple shade into the mold.



Step 10: Wait for the resin to cure.



Step 11: When the resin has fully cured, de-mold the resin from the mold.



Step 12: Using white acrylic paint and a toothpick/paintbrush, paint the details. 

Step 13: Wait for the paint to dry.



Step 14: Prepare and mix a batch of clear resin as per manufacturer's instructions.

Step 15: Dome the seashell charm by pouring a small amount of resin onto the surface. Using a stir stick gently move the resin towards the edges. Add more resin as needed. Make sure to work on a level surface.

Step 16: Wait for the resin to cure.



Now that the seashell charms are nice and shiny, it's time to turn them into earrings.



Step 17: Drill a hole at the top of each seashell.

Step 18: Add an eye screw into each seashell. To the eye screw add the jump ring and earring hook.




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