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Resin Tutorial: DIY Party Favor Bookmarks

Having nice and unique bookmarks can make reading much more fun, especially for little kids. These bookmarks are a great to give out as a party favor and they're also super easy to make. If you love creating things and you have an upcoming kids birthday party, I'm sure that you'll find this project useful. 

This project can be easily customized so you can adjust the colors and toppers to fit the party theme, or even made from supplies that you already have at hand.

For this project you will need the following supplies:


You will need to start by making the bookmarks and the cabochons (for the top part of the bookmark). Plan your color scheme and decide on which cabochons you will be making. 

Mix your resin and prepare the preferred color mixtures. Pour the resin into the bookmark molds and into the cabochon molds. 

Wait for the resin to cure and demold the bookmarks and cabochons from the molds. 

Then prepare some clear resin. Pour a small amount of resin at one end of the bookmark and place the cabochon. Wait for the resin to cure and the bookmarks are complete.

You can opt to make plain bookmarks, but adding the toppers will make the bookmarks easier to use since the added topper will help keep the bookmark in place.


 To see how I made the bookmarks, watch the video below ⬇

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