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Resin Tutorial: Beautiful Night Sky Bookmarks

Beautiful Night Sky Bookmarks resin tutorial


Welcome to this resin tutorial on how to make beautiful night sky bookmarks! If you're a bookworm who loves to read, then this one is for you. And what could be better than having a bookmark that looks like a piece of art? In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how to make bookmarks that feature a stunning night sky design using resin. The golden stars placed at the top of each bookmark will help keep the bookmark in place when in use. These bookmarks are easy to make and the end result is simply gorgeous. So, grab your supplies and let's get started!


Craft Supplies

For this project you will need the following craft supplies:

  • epoxy resin
  • bookmark silicone mold
  • star silicone mold
  • mixing cups
  • mixing sticks
  • holographic gold fine glitter
  • holographic gold chunky glitter
  • iridescent blue fine glitter
  • golden pearlescent resin pigment
  • blue alcohol ink
  • gold hollow star confetti


A video tutorial showing all the steps explained in this tutorial is also available:



Step 1: Prepare and mix epoxy resin as per manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2: Pour some of the clear resin into a separate small mixing cup.

Step 3: To the small mixing cup add holographic gold fine glitter, holographic gold chunky glitter and gold pigment.

Step 4: To the large mixing cup add holographic gold fine glitter, holographic gold chunky glitter and iridescent blue fine glitter.

Step 5: Mix each cup well.



Step 6: Pour the golden resin mixture into the star silicone mold. Keep a small amount of this mixture to be used for the bookmarks in Step 11.

Note: These stars will be added later on to the tops of the bookmarks. This helps keep the bookmarks in place when they are in use. Make the stars as thick as you prefer but not less than 5 mm. 


Step 7: Pour a small amount of the clear glittery mixture at the middle section of the bookmarks silicone mold. See picture below or video tutorial for guidance. Do not use all of the mixture.


Step 8: To the clear glittery resin mixture add blue alcohol ink and mix well. Make sure that the pigment has been thoroughly and evenly distributed into the resin to avoid curing issues.


Step 9: Add gold hollow star confetti onto the clear resin.


Step 10: Pour the blue resin mixture into the silicone mold. See pictures below or video tutorial for guidance on how to pour the blue resin mixture to get results shown.



Step 11: Pour tiny amounts of the golden resin mixture to the bookmarks mold.

Step 12: Wait for the resin to cure.


Step 13: When the resin has fully cured, de-mold the stars and bookmarks from the silicone molds.

Step 14: Prepare and mix some epoxy resin as per manufacturer's instructions.

Step 15: Pour a tiny amount of resin at one end of each bookmark and then place one star on each bookmark, pressing the star gently to secure it in place.


Step 16: Wait for the resin to cure.



And there you have it, your very own beautiful night sky bookmarks made with resin! This project is not only fun and easy to do, but it also results in a functional and eye-catching bookmark that you can use for all of your reading needs. With the variety of colors and techniques you can use, the possibilities for creating unique bookmarks are endless. I hope that you have enjoyed following along with this tutorial and that it has inspired you to explore the world of resin art. Happy crafting!

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