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How to make your own earrings for Halloween

Supplies needed for this project:

  • Coffin mold
  • Epoxy resin
  • Violet resin dye
  • Iridescent purple glitter
  • Halloween Confetti
  • Gold moons & stars
  • Eye screws
  • Split jump rings
  • Earring hooks



Start by adding 2 drops of Violet resin dye to your resin, along with some iridescent purple glitter and a small amount of Halloween confetti and mix well.


pour resin into mold

Pour the colored resin into the mold.


add embelishments

Add the gold moons and stars into the uncured resin.

Wait for the resin to cure.


de-mold resin from mold

De-mold the coffin resin charms from the mold when then resin has fully cured. 

If you wait for the resin to fully cure, it will help loads in the de-molding process. For more information on this, visit the blog post How to de-mold resin from plastic molds.


secure eye screws with resin

Drill holes at the top of the coffin and add an eye screw.

To make sure that the eye screw is secure, I like dipping the eye screw in resin before inserting it into the resin charm. I then also add a tiny bit of resin to the eye screw area after it is in place.

If you secure the eye screw with resin, wait for the resin to cure before proceeding to the next step.

Then dome the resin coffin charms with resin and wait for the doming layer to cure.


coffin resin earrings

Add a split jump ring and earring hook to each coffin, and your earrings are complete. 


Watch the video here

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