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How to de-mold resin from plastic molds

I'm sure you will find this blog post helpful if you are new to plastic molds, and maybe even if you are not.

I have been working with resin since 2012 and throughout the years I have come up with a very easy method to demold resin from plastic molds. In this blog post I will be sharing this method with you. 

The demolding process is as folllows:

  1. Grab the mold upside down with the resin facing downwards, like so
    Grab the plastic mold upside down, resin facing downwards

  2. Grab the mold from the edges and twist gently. At this stage you will notice that air starts to go in between the mold and the resin. This is what you need so that the resin separates from the mold. Depending on the design and depth of the mold, you may need to do this from different sides and for a few tries. Keep repeating this step until you have detached the resin from the mold as much as possible.

  3. Keep your mold facing downward and push your resin piece out of the mold (see image below or video at end of blog post for a visual). 
    Push your resin out of the plastic mold

    It's important that you are pushing the resin out, rather than grabbing it out of the mold. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to plastic molds, it's easier to work with fully cured resin when you are demolding it. This may not matter as much for silicone molds, since they are much more flexible. However, when using plastic molds, it will help loads and it makes the demolding process much quicker and easier. 

Apart from this being a very easy method, you will strain your mold much less when demolding your resin pieces this way. As a result, your molds will last you much longer.

For a better understanding and a visual aid you can also view the video tutorial below.

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