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How I made this year's Halloween coaster using epoxy resin

In this post I will be going through the process for how I made my Halloween coaster for this year. I went for a spider infestation theme - I didn't have any concrete plans when I started (apart from the spider theme). During the process I decided to go for an orange base and then added in some leftover resin from another project. I really love the result!

The supplies that I used are as follows:

The first step is to pour a clear layer of resin into the coaster mold.

Then whilst the resin is still uncured, you add the spider and cobweb confetti and embed them into the resin layer.

After waiting for the first layer of resin to cure, it's time to add in the second and final layer. 

First pour in the orange resin mix. For this mix, I added some orange pearl resin pigment to clear resin.

I then added the black and purple resin mixtures - these were leftover resin from another project that I was working on.

For the purple resin mix I used purple pearl resin pigment and holographic purple chunky glitter. For the black resin mix I used black pearl resin pigment and holographic silver chunky glitter along with some holographic charcoal grey cellophane flakes.

After waiting for the second layer of resin to cure, I de-molded the coaster from the mold.

This is how the coaster came right out of the mold. 

I wanted to have a shiny mold so I then domed the coaster using clear epoxy resin. I started by pouring a small amount of clear resin into the middle of the coaster and then spreading it out using a wooden stick. Then I used a pointed silicone tool to add small amounts of resin to the rim of the coaster.

As soon as the doming layer of resin has cured, my spider infestation coaster for this year's Halloween was complete. I really really love how it turned out and I hope this has inspired you to make your own. 


Watch the video here:

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