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Can you use plastic resin molds for bath bombs?

Plastic resin molds made from LDPE are also suitable to use for bath bomb molds. In fact I have a large collection of molds specifically designed and created with bath bombs in mind - the molds are bigger and deeper which makes them ideal to create bath bombs.

In the video below you can see one of my customers using the The Emperor mold to make a bath bomb for her handmade business The Witchs Bath


Which plastic molds are suitable to use for bath bombs?

There are two important factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing plastic molds for making bath bombs. First is that the mold is made from LDPE plastic, which is a flexible and solid plastic material. In most cases (always check just to be safe), the plastic is also food safe which is an extra benefit and safety precaution in avoiding tools which may leak toxic chemicals into your bath bombs.

Secondly, make sure that the dimensions of the mold are suitable for what you have in mind. There is nothing worse than receiving a mold that you have been eagerly waiting to receive and use, only to find out that it is smaller than what you need. Always make sure to double check the sizes.


How do I use plastic molds to make bath bombs?

To make your bath bomb, fill the mold tightly with your bath bomb mixture and cut off the excess. To de-mold place the mold upside down (bath bomb end facing your work surface) and gently tap the mold using a metal spoon. Then carefully remove your bath bomb from the mold.

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