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A very easy method to add stickers to your resin charms

There are two methods for embedding stickers into your resin projects. You can either do so whilst you are working in the mold, or alternatively once the resin charm has been taken out of the mold.

In this blog post I will be going through a step by step process on how I made a Frozen resin coaster by adding the sticker using the second method. As you will see, this method is very easy and is also quicker than the first method as well, especially if you always choose to dome your resin creations. 


For this project I used the following supplies:

  • Coaster Plastic Mold
  • Epoxy resin
  • Blue pearl resin dye
  • Iridescent blue glitter (I used the color 'Frost' from Recollections)
  • Iridescent blue glitter (lighter shade than the other used)
  • Iridescent blue chunky glitter
  • Iridescent blue hollow star confetti
  • Iridescent white cellophane flakes
  • Iridescent white glitter
  • Iridescent white heart confetti
  • Sticker of your choice 



I started off by preparing my epoxy resin as per brand instructions and then added the resin dye, glitter and confetti and mixed them well. 


Prepare epoxy resin with glitter mix and dye


Next I poured the resin mixture into the coaster mold all in one layer.

Since the sticker is added when the resin coaster is out of the mold, this method will only require a one layer pour rather than two layers. This makes the process much quicker. It also eliminates the risk of having your sticker curl or float in the resin.


Pour resin mixture into plastic mold


Once the resin was fully cured I de-molded the coaster out of the plastic mold and placed the sticker onto the coaster. 


Add sticker onto your resin coaster


To seal the sticker and give the coaster a super shiny finish, I domed the coaster with resin. I used epoxy resin for doming but you can also use UV resin if you prefer.


Dome your resin coaster with epoxy resin


Once the doming layer was fully cured the coaster was complete. 


Finished resin coaster



Watch the video here

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